01-25-20 Update

Because of your contributions over the past year we were close to closing down our GoFundMe campaign. We finally started receiving disability which, although not quite enough to pay the bills, was helpful. Unfortunately, because we are getting disability we have now lost our Medicaid and all but $100/month in food stamps. Meaning healthcare and the majority of food cost will be completely out of pocket. The reason? The small amount we are receiving in disability (no where near enough for a family of 3) is considered “too much income” to qualify. We are, in a sense, back to square one.

With this turn of events we are keeping our campaign open, and appreciate all your continued help. There are a couple of potential work from home opportunities we are pursuing, but nothing set in stone as of this writing. If/when we secure a source of income we will close this campaign. In the meantime all of your contributions continue to help us get by.

Thank you so very much, we continue to be forever grateful and we love you all.

⁃ Amy and Jon

(P.S. We plan to post another video soon showing Amy’s progress)


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