It’s been a while

It’s been what feels like forever since we’ve updated (where does the time go?) Amy is still dependent on others for most of her every day tasks such as transferring to/from her chair, getting food and drink, and needs help using the bathroom among other things.

However, it’s not all bleak and we want to focus on some positives. She’s still making progress; getting better and standing, using her right hand (for locking her chair etc), taking meds/vitamins on her own and is even starting to homeschool the kid again. She is still dealing with the constant feeling of cold, although it doesn’t seem to be effecting her as much.

We’re still looking for ways to generate income from home. We’ve tried a few of the “survey” companies to no avail. Any ideas or recommendations are always welcome!

Thank you all again so very much, we will try and update more often.

Much love,

Ames and Jon

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