8-18-19 Update

We try to focus on the positives and all the amazing strides Amy continues to make. Unfortunately, there’s another side to brain injuries as well and not mentioning it isn’t doing justice for Amy or anyone else going through something similar.

This past week or so has been difficult for Amy mentally. She’s beyond done with fighting every day just to try and get back to being “normal”. Typically saying things like “I’m so done with this”. And I get it, she’s earned the right to be fed up. Fortunately she isn’t suicidal, but it’s still hard to see her struggle with her condition. She’s a warrior though and won’t let this beat her, and still still has many moments of laughter and enjoyment.

This is another way your contributions help us. I know for a fact that if I wasn’t able to be home with her she would be struggling even more. I say it all the time, but thank you again for all of your continued support, we literally couldn’t do this without you. Amy would not have made it this far and continue to improve without you. You are all amazing.

Much love,

Amy, Jon and Parker


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