Video Update – Amy working on taking steps!

Hey everyone! It’s been a little while since our last update, life has been a bit hectic.

We wanted to share this video of Amy working on taking steps. She’s still got a long road ahead, but she’s come so far. There is so much fight in this woman it’s incredible. As you can see by this video she is still in need of full time assistance with everything. She’s getting better with eating but it’s still difficult to do on her own. Same goes for any kind of bathroom duties (I’m not going to get specific, but yeah, even that).

We are still (9 months and counting) waiting to see if Amy gets approved for disability. Maybe, just maybe, we might be a tiny bit closer to that becoming a reality but time will tell. We have, on the other hand, been approved for food stamps! We’re still looking for various other ways to generate income from home, and that’s still very much a work in progress. Any suggestions are welcome. We’ve also been able to lower our overall expenses/cost of living which has obviously helped.

In the meantime your donations have helped immensely. Every donation goes directly to either gas or bills/rent. (We use credit or any income we make from home for everything else). Since our last video update you all have generated enough to cover our rent for August. And those of you who are unable to donate, your sharing Amy’s story and gofundme page has helped raise more than you might realize. Everyone is making a big impact. We can’t begin to tell you how amazing that is, and how grateful we are.

Until next time,

Amy, Jon and Parker

Video of Amy working on taking steps!

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