Amy’s Life Story

I need to take some time to acknowledge just how amazing and strong Amy is. She’s been facing challenges almost her entire life, yet she has always found a way to keep pushing forward.

I’d like to share her story with those of you who aren’t familiar.

Her dad passed away in 1996 when she was 17. At 19 she was involved in a severe car accident when a semi truck merged into her, flipping her car and almost causing it to get pushed off an overpass. That accident resulted in an astrocytoma in her spinal cord, later requiring surgery. In 2002 when Amy was 23 her mom passed away, resulting in Amy taking custody of her sister Megan who was 13 at the time. (Side note, Amy and Jon met just one year later).

Come June 2017 the tumor in her spinal cord grew back to the point where she needed another surgery. By this time the nerve damage had resulted in Amy living with chronic pain and dealing with mobility issues on a daily basis. The surgery was incredibly risky, but had she not done it she would almost certainly had ended up paralyzed from the waste down.

Just over a year later (November 19th, 2018) is when Amy was involved in the accident that caused her traumatic brain injury, which she is still currently battling.

Despite all of these hurdles, Amy keeps going. She’s unstoppable. She’s a badass. She inspires so many people on a daily basis, like, truly inspirational.

Thank you all for caring for her so much, and for showing so much love towards her and the rest of our family. Of course, thank you also for all of the amazing contributions. We are still working on ways we can generate money from home, including possibly starting a YouTube channel (more on that soon). In the meantime we are continuing to ask for your assistance in spreading her story and her gofundme page. It helps more than we can ever truly express.

Much love,

Amy, Jon and Parker

Click here for Amy’s GoFundMe site

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