Video Update!

Thank you all so much, your support means everything to us. We love not only sharing updates on Amy, but also showing how your donations are directly impacting us. Living with and recovering from a T.B.I. comes with many challenges. One of the more frustrating and embarrassing for Amy is dealing with loss of bowel and bladder control. She is proud to share that as of mid-June she no longer requires adult diapers, she’s finally able to just use pads for bladder leaks. This was a huge step for her mentally and emotionally. Your $20 donations help cover the cost of the pads and additional feminine products every week. She wants you to know that they are a life saver!

We’d also like to share a video of her working on some speech therapy yesterday. We typically spend about 3-5 hours a day at home working on various therapy techniques. It’s our goal to improve between each therapy session, she feels a sense of pride every time she can show improvement to her therapists.

We have also received a lot positive feedback from our podcast and hope to have another one for you sometime next week. Thank you all again so much, none of this will be possible without you.

⁃ Amy, Jon and Parker

Video of Amy working on her speech

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