01-25-20 Update

Because of your contributions over the past year we were close to closing down our GoFundMe campaign. We finally started receiving disability which, although not quite enough to pay the bills, was helpful. Unfortunately, because we are getting disability we have now lost our Medicaid and all but $100/month in food stamps. Meaning healthcare and the majority of food cost will be completely out of pocket. The reason? The small amount we are receiving in disability (no where near enough for a family of 3) is considered “too much income” to qualify. We are, in a sense, back to square one.

With this turn of events we are keeping our campaign open, and appreciate all your continued help. There are a couple of potential work from home opportunities we are pursuing, but nothing set in stone as of this writing. If/when we secure a source of income we will close this campaign. In the meantime all of your contributions continue to help us get by.

Thank you so very much, we continue to be forever grateful and we love you all.

⁃ Amy and Jon

(P.S. We plan to post another video soon showing Amy’s progress)


It’s been a while

It’s been what feels like forever since we’ve updated (where does the time go?) Amy is still dependent on others for most of her every day tasks such as transferring to/from her chair, getting food and drink, and needs help using the bathroom among other things.

However, it’s not all bleak and we want to focus on some positives. She’s still making progress; getting better and standing, using her right hand (for locking her chair etc), taking meds/vitamins on her own and is even starting to homeschool the kid again. She is still dealing with the constant feeling of cold, although it doesn’t seem to be effecting her as much.

We’re still looking for ways to generate income from home. We’ve tried a few of the “survey” companies to no avail. Any ideas or recommendations are always welcome!

Thank you all again so very much, we will try and update more often.

Much love,

Ames and Jon


10/27/19 Update

It’s been a little longer than normal since we’ve last updated, but here we are. Amy continues to make progress, really making strides in terms of being able to get up on her own. Not quite there yet, but certainly heading in the right direction. Saying that, she’s had a rough patch here mentally the past couple of weeks. I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be to be “stuck”, unable to do much on your own. She’s pushing through though, and I’m lucky to be able to help her even when things get tough.

I really hate asking for help, almost as much as I hate sounding like a broken record, but, here we go. This progress would in no way be possible without your support. Because of your continued donations I’m able to work with her everyday at home, and take her to and from therapy. Without your help I would have to work, leaving Amy at home, literally unable to do anything.

So, again, thank you all so very much.

Much love,

Ames, Jon and Parker.


8-18-19 Update

We try to focus on the positives and all the amazing strides Amy continues to make. Unfortunately, there’s another side to brain injuries as well and not mentioning it isn’t doing justice for Amy or anyone else going through something similar.

This past week or so has been difficult for Amy mentally. She’s beyond done with fighting every day just to try and get back to being “normal”. Typically saying things like “I’m so done with this”. And I get it, she’s earned the right to be fed up. Fortunately she isn’t suicidal, but it’s still hard to see her struggle with her condition. She’s a warrior though and won’t let this beat her, and still still has many moments of laughter and enjoyment.

This is another way your contributions help us. I know for a fact that if I wasn’t able to be home with her she would be struggling even more. I say it all the time, but thank you again for all of your continued support, we literally couldn’t do this without you. Amy would not have made it this far and continue to improve without you. You are all amazing.

Much love,

Amy, Jon and Parker


Thank You

We couldn’t have moments like this without you, it’s just that simple. Your compassion and support for our family is one of the biggest reasons why Amy makes strides everyday. Unfortunately we desperately need your support still. As we crunch the numbers we realize that we have less than two months worth of funds left. Since we are still awaiting any kind of disability assistance I am facing needing to go back to work, yet have no idea how Amy will receive the daily care she needs. We are hopeful that she will eventually qualify for disability assistance which will take some burden off our shoulders. Until then it’s been very trying and stressful not knowing how we’re going to pay rent and other bills.

If you feel passionate about helping us advocate for her, we would appreciate that too. Anything that you can give is everything to us.

It’s not easy to ask for help, neither one of us is comfortable with it and would much rather be the ones giving. We can’t thank you all enough for all of the love and support we have received.

Much love,

Amy, Jon and Parker


Video Update – Amy working on taking steps!

Hey everyone! It’s been a little while since our last update, life has been a bit hectic.

We wanted to share this video of Amy working on taking steps. She’s still got a long road ahead, but she’s come so far. There is so much fight in this woman it’s incredible. As you can see by this video she is still in need of full time assistance with everything. She’s getting better with eating but it’s still difficult to do on her own. Same goes for any kind of bathroom duties (I’m not going to get specific, but yeah, even that).

We are still (9 months and counting) waiting to see if Amy gets approved for disability. Maybe, just maybe, we might be a tiny bit closer to that becoming a reality but time will tell. We have, on the other hand, been approved for food stamps! We’re still looking for various other ways to generate income from home, and that’s still very much a work in progress. Any suggestions are welcome. We’ve also been able to lower our overall expenses/cost of living which has obviously helped.

In the meantime your donations have helped immensely. Every donation goes directly to either gas or bills/rent. (We use credit or any income we make from home for everything else). Since our last video update you all have generated enough to cover our rent for August. And those of you who are unable to donate, your sharing Amy’s story and gofundme page has helped raise more than you might realize. Everyone is making a big impact. We can’t begin to tell you how amazing that is, and how grateful we are.

Until next time,

Amy, Jon and Parker


Video of Amy working on taking steps!

Progress Being Made

We can’t say it enough, thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. If not for all of your continued donations and the times you’ve shared her story I’d be forced to go back to work. Because Amy DeNapoli is still in need of full time care, my working would mean that she would need to be in a nursing home. I am 100% certain that if she was in a nursing home there is no way she would have made the progress she has. You guys are literally helping her get her life back. It’s unbelievable.

She doesn’t feel like she’s making big progress, but she absolutely is. There’s still years of hard work ahead for her, but she’s heading in the right direction.

Thank you again, we’ll be posting another video soon.

Much love,

Amy, Jon and Parker


Amy’s Life Story

I need to take some time to acknowledge just how amazing and strong Amy is. She’s been facing challenges almost her entire life, yet she has always found a way to keep pushing forward.

I’d like to share her story with those of you who aren’t familiar.

Her dad passed away in 1996 when she was 17. At 19 she was involved in a severe car accident when a semi truck merged into her, flipping her car and almost causing it to get pushed off an overpass. That accident resulted in an astrocytoma in her spinal cord, later requiring surgery. In 2002 when Amy was 23 her mom passed away, resulting in Amy taking custody of her sister Megan who was 13 at the time. (Side note, Amy and Jon met just one year later).

Come June 2017 the tumor in her spinal cord grew back to the point where she needed another surgery. By this time the nerve damage had resulted in Amy living with chronic pain and dealing with mobility issues on a daily basis. The surgery was incredibly risky, but had she not done it she would almost certainly had ended up paralyzed from the waste down.

Just over a year later (November 19th, 2018) is when Amy was involved in the accident that caused her traumatic brain injury, which she is still currently battling.

Despite all of these hurdles, Amy keeps going. She’s unstoppable. She’s a badass. She inspires so many people on a daily basis, like, truly inspirational.

Thank you all for caring for her so much, and for showing so much love towards her and the rest of our family. Of course, thank you also for all of the amazing contributions. We are still working on ways we can generate money from home, including possibly starting a YouTube channel (more on that soon). In the meantime we are continuing to ask for your assistance in spreading her story and her gofundme page. It helps more than we can ever truly express.

Much love,

Amy, Jon and Parker

Click here for Amy’s GoFundMe site


As always we must begin this Amy update with a massive thank you for all of your support! We are getting closer and closer to our goal of $50,000 and we are so incredibly thankful and overwhelmed. We chose that amount because it will hopefully buy us time to allow Amy to recover enough to handle staying at home by herself so I can go back to work. I can’t say it enough but we would never be able to do it without you guys.

Amy had physical and occupational therapy today. She’s continuing to get more movement in her right hand and arm, and can almost make a fist with her right hand which is a pretty big step. She’s also making progress when it comes to holding up her entire weight while standing. She’s still got quite a way to go before attempting to walk on her own, but she’s heading in the right direction.

As fortunate and lucky as we are for her continued improvement, there are still challenges. We want people going through something similar to know that challenges are all part of it, you can’t let them stop you. We want to share a picture of one of the struggles Amy has to deal with. Although it looks like she’s just resting on the floor (thanks to Parker for giving her some pillows), she had actually fallen off the couch and was stuck in this position until I was able to come back in to help her up. I’m so grateful that she doesn’t have to go through this alone, I can imagine how difficult that would be for her.

Again, thank you all so much for everything. You. Are. The. Best.